Thursday, February 25, 2010


We motored West with a skip, jump and hop
As it's time to head to the Waimea Canyon top
We dine at Shrimp Station
Arrive at our primary destination
Then aquire Hanapepe fruit at our last stop

We decide to “Entertain the Costco Way”
As we've shopped for large quantities for our stay
Our knife and fork
Were used to cut pork
And fresh biscuits were eaten without delay

Thursday dawned partly cloudy and breezy but we figured it was our best chance to get a look at Waimea Canyon as the forecast sounded indifferent later in our stay. We hadn't eaten at the Shrimp Station during the Town Celebration so we stopped in before we attempted our ascent. We're finding out Eula's not much of a fish person, so she dined on a kosher hot dog while the rest of us had shrimp. There's a reason they're not known as the Hot Dog Station.. We climbed toward the top of the Canyon and got our best accessible views at the first lookout. Eula gamely hiked up to a viewpoint but we realized the upper view would be too tough for her to negotiate. We had a brief stop at Kokee State Park and then headed back in time to shop at the Hanapepe Sunshine Market.

We returned home for a chance to fully benefit from our Costco shopping trip. Merlin pan-fried some pork chops that were so thick they needed to be sliced in half, Mary made gravy, Dianna prepared a portion of our 5 lb bag of frozen corn and I whipped up a batch of biscuits. In honor of the Olympics, I shaped these in a variety of forms ranging from hockey pucks to curling stones. Despite the looks, the taste was still medal-worthy. Played a couple of card games and then retired for the evening.

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