Thursday, March 4, 2010



In honor of the birthday week
Of Dr.Seuss, we shall seek
To imagine how he would see
His books if located in Hawaii
In a way that's unique

Horton Hears a Hulu is one
Green Flash & SPAM could also be done
You could find Yertle on the Hawaiian Beaches
As well as the Starfruit Bellied Sneetches
This exercise in fun has barely begun
The simple to read Hop on Poipu
Would be something that all would find quite new
Mele Kalikimaka, so sayeth the Grinch
Is a phrase we might find that would work in a pinch
And it's easy to find a Beach Thong One & Thong Two

Morals abound as in the "Better Butter Battle"
Seuss loved to grab convention and give it a rattle
Another could be Ten Pineapples Up on Top
I could go on and on but I really must stop
As our time is short and must cease this prattle

"You're Only Old Once", the author once said
His advice hasn't ended although he's now dead
"Oh, The Places You'll Go!" is a fitting refrain
As we pack up tomorrow and hop on the plane
Well tanned, content and obviously well-fed

It's now apparent the downside of giving me a little too much free time and a self-imposed goal of recapping our activities here on vacation. However, I've rarely met a theme I couldn't twist for my own enjoyment, so don't expect things to return to normal even though the vacation is ending... Since this week marked the 106th birthday of Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) and a number of school activities were planned to celebrate reading, I thought I would offer my own tribute. Geisel was challanged to take a list of 250 words to create a book kids would be eager to read, and the resulting "Cat In The Hat" energized generations of readers, myself included. His rhyming pattern was anapestic tetrameter while I lean more to the simpler anapestics of the limerick style.
Actually got to come face to face with rain today a few times as we headed up to Elsie's with a treasure trove of unused food. I was able to get in the car before a squall soaked the Gang of Four but by the time wereached Lihue, the sun was emerging. Elsie had a church activity today that ran longer than she expected, so we missed her and dropped our food off in exchange for a last batch of fresh oranges. We did our final shopping at Hilo Hatties and dined at Costco before heading home. Dianna & Mary wanted to check out the shops in Koloa, so as designated driver I went with them and then stopped at the Hyatt where I was able to get a few blog-ready photos including a rainbow that preceded another intense rain shower which I got to soak in.

We had a whitefish (not red or blue) and two corn dish meal with dinner rolls as we cleaned out the refrigerator and then caught a nice windy sunset. Played cards and then prepared to pack up tomorrow for a 2:00 PM flight to Oahu.

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