Friday, February 27, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 11

Knowing vocabulary can make you seem smart
The correct order of words from finish to start
A mistake in the usage between wind break
And break wind, a person easily can make
So instead of safe haven, you’re left with a fart

The windbreakers were out in full force as we headed north by mid-day for a day of sight-seeing. We had suggested to Elsie that we visit the Kilauea Lighthouse and ‘Anini Beach. For us Northwesterners, we rarely miss an opportunity to visit a lighthouse, particularly one in such a beautiful setting (see attached picture) The wind was brisk which limited the chance to catch any whale action, so we didn’t stay too long. Our next stop was a gorgeous stretch of beach known as ‘Anini. Years ago, possibly just after WWII a resident shot the “W” off the Wanini Beach sign and locals got used to the new name. This seems to be a great example of the “Hawaiian” attitude – take things as you find them. This beach has a long coral reef and is great for snorkeling but even better for windsurfing or kiteboarding. We some some great examples (picture also attached). We dropped Elsie off at her home and headed back home in time to catch a nice sunset from our deck. (also attached). Have to pack up and leave a week from tomorrow, so I guess we better start enjoying ourselves before it’s too late – Aloha – ‘Ike Ponder

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