Friday, February 20, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 4

As Day 4 comes to a close, we settle into a routine
that involves sitting and watching and reporting what's seen.
As you receive this message through this medium
We hope to alleviate some tedium
As we strive to translate what we say into what we mean...

It's Aloha Friday here but the attitude is typical any day of the week - take it slow, no problem, it is what it is. I leaped into action after a modest sunrise and made a batch of Hawaiian French Toast based on a recipe from Alton Brown, a chemist/chef from the Food Channel. Eggs, Half & Half and Honey made a nice custardy breakfast. Our major goal of the day was to trek into Lihue, about a 1/2 hour car trip, replenish our food stocks, and add Merlin as a driver on the car. The weather remained breezy and showery so our usual agenda of walks was limited. A Costco chicken provided an early dinner before some more card playing. Finally saw some good whale action at sunset and we passed a quiet evening gearing up for the big Waimea Town Celebration tomorrow. Dianna & I are veterans of the Ice Cream Eating contest and Merlin will once again participate in the Ukulele Contest. We are guaranteed a pint of ice cream and a T-shirt respectively. We still have 2 Fridays left before we pack up so we hope to venture out more in the coming days.

If my browser cooperates I'll send an occasional picture - maybe even of tomorrow's festivities.

Aloha -MTP

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