Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 9

The economy can't seem to sell a car
Stock markets are crashing near and far
We need a way to cope
Someone to give us some hope
Tiger shows how good it is to be under par

It appears the only people that can inspire folks these days are those millionaires, Slumdog & Tiger. We were amused today to see the hype for the return of Tiger Woods after a 254 day hiatus. He, of course, acted like he had just stepped away for a lunch break and picked right up where he left off at the US Open 8 months ago, calmly dispatching his opponent by starting birdie eagle for a 2 up lead. This tournament is Match Play which is very fickle as a bad bounce or inopportune hot or cold streak can eliminate a player. Tiger's record in Match Play is about 75% so he's got a good chance to make it into the weekend. One of the best moments of the telecast came during the airing of a new Nike commercial welcoming Tiger back sung to the tune of "Sunshine, Lollipops. & Rainbows” It seems to sum up nicely the attitude of the rest of the PGA players.

It may seem odd that we watched a golf tournament on TV today but the island was buffeted (not the billionaire) today by strong winds and some rain. The wind subsided and the sun came out in the afternoon so we ventured out to enjoy the sight of some leaping whales and to check on action down at Spouting Horn. The NE winds were blowing offshore so even the waves were some of the highest we've seen, the blowhole wasn't too active. We drove past the Grand Hyatt Hotel which is just down the street to Shipwreck Beach to stroll the grounds and check out the surf. This is the former site of the Grand Slam of Golf at Poipu Bay where Tiger won 7 out of 14 times it was held here (he hadn’t turned pro yet for the first 4) Caught a bit of the sunset before the winds picked packed up and we enjoyed a quiet evening at the condo watching a video of the famous Kamehameha School Song Contest and WALL-E. We have no complaints about the weather since we know parts of the Mainland including the Northwest are getting some cold wet & snowy conditions. Tomorrow it's off west to Hanapepe where the winds might be less... MTP

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