Monday, February 23, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 7

Monday's Activities are totally free
Ukeleles by the dozens to hear and to see
Sunshine markets give wonderful veggies and fruit
If you're willing to tussle, jostle, grab and root
Calmness & Artistry prevails at at E Kanikapila

A nice rosy fingered dawn greeted us this morning as we began Day 7. Today is the local Koloa Sunshine Market which is one of the biggest and has the best selection. We lined up at the gates just before noon and joined the throngs pummeling for pumelos, grabbing for grapefruit, and knocking coconuts in search of the best and the freshest.

Dianna & Mary got out for a walk and some whale-watching which has been quieter than in recent years. Part of the reason is the wind has been active which makes it a little harder to spy spouts and we haven't been lounging on the beach as much so far so we've had less "eyeball time"

Snacked in the afternoon and then got ready for the evening's entertainment in at the Island School Lihue. E Kanikapila Kakou loosely translates as "Hawaiian jam session with strings" and is a 25+ year tradition on Kauai where some of the best talent showcasing Hawaiian music is highlighted at free Monday night concerts from mid-January through early April. At least a quarter of the audience shows up with their ukeleles and plays along after participating in a workshop before the show. In past years we've seen a 17 year old ukelele prodigy who studies remotely with the Berklee School of Music and a 100 year old Uke player who can play behind his back. We used to think of this series as a local secret but the word is out this year as the place was almost as packed as the Sunshine Market. Tonight's artists were a 20-something duo, Kupaoa ( who met at UH where they were music majors. They play upright electric bass and 6 & !2 string guitar, and ukelele and wrote about half of the songs on their album - very talented artists and an enjoyable concert where they explained in detail how they devloped their music. At intermission, Axel,the high school senior who won the Waimea Town Celebration Uke Contest Saturday played 2 tunes.

Another great day in Paradise... "MUSIC is my sideline" Mike

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