Saturday, February 21, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 5

The big day had arrived for the Oregonian Team
The Player of Tunes and the Eaters of Ice Cream
On a musical note, all the practice done daily
Served Merlin well as he played his Ukelele
And we did ourselves proud just like in our dream

Bookended the day with a picture perfect sunrise and sunset and had an enjoyable time at the Waimea Town Celebration which is like Multnomah Days with Kalua Pig and Poi Balls (an odd twist on a hushpuppy). We participated fully in the Ice Cream Eating contest & The Uke contest but "Veni, Vini, No Vici Bruddah" ( We came, We saw, We left empty handed..) Documentation is available at: Look for Merlin 1/3 of the way through the Uke contest and the AARP contestants (55+) at the end of the IC Contest. Merlin is in the yellow shirt and we're on the left side. This proves were not writing these recaps from our condo at Caldew... >New week to make good use of... More later - I've got an ice cream headache... MTP

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