Thursday, February 19, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 3

Our choices of cuisine have become more auspicious As our cravings tend to be more ambitious It heightens all our moods To enjoy home-cooked foods To quote a Midwestern musician, "Fish is Delicious!"
Food always plays a big part of a vacation in Hawaii and today we "stayed home" to some degree. After our sunrise acknowledgement we had breakfast and lounged around with books, cards, music and e-mail until Mary & Dianna headed out on a walk to Poipu Beach. The fickle rain gods waited until they were exposed and then decided to shower them with greetings. We drove down and picked them up and shopped for some suitable lunch fixings for a in-house lunch. The island has local "Sunshine" markets scattered around each day and at 3:00 we knew we would head down to Hanapepe for their event. These markets are much different than our Farmer's Markets as you need to be in place when they blow the whistle since things sell out quickly. Our fruit & vegetable experts were in place early and by 3:15 we were on our way home with a variety of avacados, rambutan, oranges, papaya, lettuce, onions, sweet potatoes and other items for the pantry. We visited Salt Pond Park and enjoyed the view while we tried some wind-aided card playing and then set sail for home. We played games until dinner which would be highlighted by Merlin's lovingly hand-caught salmon from Brookings. We bring a suitcase full of frozen food with large quantities of salmon fillets, ling cod, snapper, beef jerky, and smoked salmon prepared by Merlin. Enjoyed a subdued sunset and then had a marvelous meal and resumed the male domination in game playing. Pinochle, Five Straight, and Back-Alley Bridge all went the guys way until Mary & Dianna broke through with a come-from behind win in Pinochle. Retired to the stirrings of the tropical breezes by 10:00...

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