Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 15

A migratory species searches for good weather
They congregate in big groups like birds of a feather
For our Makahuena gang who prefers to act “local”
We stay under the radar and try not to be vocal
And avoid the confusion when large groups get together

A comment was made last night at the concert about the influx of visitors and the impact they have on the Island, filling the restaurants, buying up event tickets early, and staking out the best spots on the beach. The impact this year caused the rental car shortage as Mainland fares dropped dramatically and people booked cars late and in many cases were out of luck. Some clever people even resorted to rent U-Haul trucks. Adopting the philosophy that it’s best to stay “far from the madding crowd”, we have been fairly successful finding out of the way spots or picking times when the crowds are light. It helps we’ve come to Kauai seven out of the last eight years and the neighborhoods start to feel as familiar as Hillsdale. Our only absence was in 2005 when Mary was recovering from bypass surgery the previous fall and we opted for our Italian trip with Rick & Diane. That’s a story that could fill a blog on its own…

Clouds, not crowds partially obscured the sunrise this morning but we got some good color (see attached) and then M&M went off to the Menehune Market in search of fresh cinnamon rolls and malasadas a week after Malasada Tuesday. (Also see attached) That filled the breakfast portion of today’s program and we entertained ourselves with reading and games while we waited to hear from John & Sally. Mary and Dianna cooked a pot roast with local carrots and potatoes which we had for lunch and then Dianna & I walked over to John & Sally’s condo which was only about 200 yards away. John’s daughter and son-in law and their 2-year old Gabe are also staying, so it’s a much livelier household than ours but they where out sightseeing at Waimea Canyon. We enjoyed a bowl of coconut ice cream and talked about our plans to reunite in Victoria in early May like we did last year to the amusement and enjoyment of all. Sally showed us a proof copy of her daughter-in-law Rebecca Wells’ (Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood) new book, “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder” We met her while she was working on the book so maybe it planted a seed…

Back home for a little road trip to the West since the skies were dark and we climbed the hills above Kalehalo for some nice panoramas of the Poipu coastline. It was smoked salmon & guacamole pupus (appetizers) while we watched some classic old movies, “Key Largo” & “Lost Horizon” Early read on our remaining agenda is Koloa for some souvenir shopping tomorrow, Hanapepe on Thursday, and north to Hanelei Friday before girding up for the return home on Saturday…Aloha MTP

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