Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Vacation Concludes….

The time has come to return to our chosen vocation

We do so begrudgingly with little elation

Physicists have studied and know without seeing

That solid, liquid, and gas are 3 states of being

But we know only two, OnVacation or UnVacation

The last day of a vacation and the first day back in the "real" world always have a disjointed feel, so it's probably best that we lost an hour of sleep last night. We packed up, played grocery delivery person for John & Sally with our leftover food and took a leisurely drive to the airport. Since I was operating under the assumption we had a 11:30 hopper to Oahu, I saw no reason to rush our departure. Halfway there at 9:45, Mary questioned why her itinerary showed a 9:55 boarding time, and we realized why professional travel agents exist. A calm, grounded airport porter worked some magic while I rushed to drop the car off and he had us in possession of the last four seats on the 10:55 flight by the time I got back. We still had a two hour layover in Honolulu, so we ate our brown bag lunches and played a last pinochle game in the Islands for this year. Smooth flight and then a quick 30 degree adjustment to Portland weather as Merry picked us up. The cat hadn't given up on our return as he needed another heat source for a cold night's sleep. Aloha until another time..

There are many types of vacation, some yet undiscovered. Feel free to add your own…

Ad-vacation – Going someplace enjoyable while on a business trip

In-vacation – Praying for no rain

Man-cation – Usually involves golf, BBQ, and/or beer

Me-cation – A personal Mental Health Day

Medi-cation – Out-of-country travel for medical procedures

Play-cation – Fun 24/7

Pour-cation-Likely result of an Oregon vacation 9 months of the year

Ray-cation – In search of sun…

Sea-cation – An ocean get-away

Stay-cation –"Think Local, Go Local"

Suppli-cation – You just let go and relax

ZZZ-acation – Restful retreat and recreation

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