Thursday, March 5, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 16

Today’s weather was fit for a duck
But we are not bemoaning our luck
For last night in the sky,
A small asteroid whizzed by
And spared us from a cosmic Mack truck

Being over here in Hawaii teaches you a lot about gratitude and you get many chances to practice. The note at about our close encounter last night with a 100 foot rock that sailed by within 50,000 miles reminded me of how often we don’t even know half of the things to be grateful for. This asteroid was about the same size as the one that hit Siberia in 1908 and leveled 800 square miles of forest. We can apparently relax until 2029 when a 1000 mile wide visitor passes within 20,000 miles. I’ve now decided to start the day being grateful for an intact planet in spite of the fact it is a little worn around the edges.

In keeping with this theme, we were thankful this morning that we were warm & dry in bed at sunrise as our first real heavy rainstorm was in progress at sunrise. Today was my chance for KP duty so I flipped out a dozen pancakes with some scrambled eggs for the gang for breakfast. We got a phone call from John & Sally mid-morning and they ventured over for a visit between showers. Our next big adventure is a visit to Victoria in early May with them, so we talked logistics and swapped stories for a while.

We followed to recent pattern of making lunch our major meal and we dine on some of Merlin’s black snapper flown in from Oregon. We only have two days left to jolt the local economy with an infusion of our shopping dollars, but we decided to wait until tomorrow as strolling weather kept being interrupted by showers. We cruised the shoreline in search of whales and sunset but had little success. Glad to get a call from Evan after he just finished attending a Wynton Marsalis concert at Grinnell. Plans are still on track for his spring break Nicaragua adventures as they finally got funding from the college.
Spent a quiet evening at the condo running through the gamut of games before setting time aside to “feed the blog.” We hope to “go West young man” tomorrow to Hanapepe. (That phrase was given to Josiah Grinnell by Horace Greeley and it got him as far as Iowa where he established his namesake college…) We just intend to buy coffee and chocolate… “Mahalo” Mike

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