Monday, March 2, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 14

Writing daily verse has become de rigueur
Though good material can be quite meager
Singin' blow ye winds in the morning, Blow ye winds, heigh ho, Clear away your running gear, And blow, blow, blow!
The Almanac Singers, Guthrie & Seeger*

*1941 arrangement of a traditional tune from the 1800’s by Woody Guthrie & Pete Seeger

A blustery start to the day greeted us as we met John & Sally at the Point for a virtual sunrise. Heavy clouds and a strong wind made four Northwesteners feel like we were enjoying a brisk July day on the Oregon Coast. Not surprisingly, we were the only folks who ventured out all the way to the viewpoint as M&M caught the view from the parking lot. Clouds thickened and a typical Hawaii cloudburst was on display mid-morning, but by noon the sun and wind had dried things out nicely for our Koloa Sunshine market. We were at the starting gates a few minutes before 12:00 and everyone had their assigned duties Since I’m the designated driver and not qualified to assess the quality of fruits or vegetables due to only a passing acquaintance, I lurked on the outskirts and people-watched. The Kauai Tourist Board apparently has struck a deal with the Weather Bureau since by 12:20 it rained again and then promptly stopped by 12:30. Sean called me from Eugene to check in which was nice since his e-mails have been bouncing back and he’s one of the few remaining members of a friendly audience who hasn’t been subjected to these ramblings.

Most of the group recaptured their sunrise sleep depravation while this correspondent worked on a development to unveiled by the end of the week. A creative use of leftovers from the past few days provided a great lunch of chicken rice soup and sandwiches and the magic refrigerator also was generous at dinner time. We knew our entertainment would be this weeks installment of E Kanikapila Kakou, which this week featured songwriter Eric Lee. He and his fellow musicians were very talented but it leaned a little too much toward Hawaiian lounge rock & roll for my taste. Still, the purpose of this event is to highlight authentic interpretations of Hawaiian music, and as he just won a Hawaiian “Grammy” for his latest album, who am I to be critical?

Back home by 9:30 to Five Straight –Pinochle split before retiring for the evening.

A question was asked about the title of this digest and I’ll quote from Day One in case you missed it…“As a result over the next 18 days you will sporadically receive our version of SPAM which generically will recap the Sights, Play, Activities, and Music we encounter. Consider it a tropical/topical version of a Holiday letter...”

Mahalo for your interest… MTP

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