Sunday, March 1, 2009

The S.P.A.M. Chronicles -Day 13

A new month arrives packed with a few more days
We can choose to spend them in a lot of ways
The days should get longer as we approach spring
Except for this week with the daylight-saving thing
So we’ll have one less hour to recover from this craze

It’s good we’re not tied to an agenda as the day’s itinerary was different than we thought last night. We had intended to had north to Hanalei to listen to our favorite slack-key musicians Doug & Sandy McMaster ( ) They have shows at 4:00 PM on Friday and 3:00 PM on Sundays, so we’ll try and catch there show Friday. John & Sally arrived last night, but we weren’t able to connect until mid-day, so we made plans to meet near the coconuts at tomorrow’s Sunshine market.

Welcomed March by flapping in the breeze at Makahuena Point at sunrise and then had a quiet morning with reading and games. My Sudoku fixation is growing, as I made the mistake of bringing a large book of advanced puzzles. Now I see why it was on the bargain table at Borders. Merlin & Mary went into town to church and Dianna & I got a chance to get out for a walk on the wind-blown cliffs. I’ve received some comments expressing condolences about the weather which means I haven’t conveyed the right impression about how much we enjoy our vacation climate. We know other parts of the country are getting stormy weather, so we’re grateful we can run around in shorts, though their has been some muttering by observers as I walk by. When M&M returned they brought back a catered lunch from Costco and then we headed out for some sightseeing on our loop from Poipu Beach to Spouting Horn. Back home, the sun went down like clockwork and we had a light dinner and once again the battle was joined in pinochle with the guys edging ahead. It’s the only game we can win against our wily opponents.

I’ve attached a photo of today’s sunrise and the view from around the corner on our walk… Aloha - MTP

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