Thursday, March 5, 2009

The S.P.A.M Chronicles - Day 17

Here on Kauai we get Ihilani
The day ends with the twilight Alohilani
I‘ve taken time to write this Mele
Before we return to Kahale
So we’ll remember the joy of the Haunani

Or for those not versed in Hawaiian… (and yes it does rhyme)

Here on Kauai we get Heavenly Bliss
As day ends with the twilight Sky sun-kissed
I‘ve taken time to write this Poem
Before we return to Home
So we’ll remember the joy of the Beautiful Mist

Last day of the vacation to savor the south end of the island as we head north to end the day with a slack-key guitar concert with some of favorite performers. The clouds and rain greeted us this morning but skies cleared and when Mary sounded the shout, Whales, Ahoy!”, we raced to Shipwreck Beach where we caught an active display of spouting and fin slapping. We followed the whales as they moved west and then returned home to prepare to leave more than footprints and take more than memories. This group could never be accused of writing “Confessions of a Shopahlic”, but we did want to bring a few things home for friends and family. First stop was the Lawai Shell store where I was able to procure my Hawaiian dictionary for today’s entry and practice my surfing. We then headed down to Kauai Chocolate for some required purchases and visited Salt Pond Park on a beautiful afternoon before we made our 8 minute visit to the Hanapepe Sunshine Market for the third time. Last stop was at the Kauai Coffee Visitor Center and Plantation where we picked up vital provisions for the souls left behind on the Oregon Trail. Home for dinner and the magic refrigerator provided a nice Bento Bowl as our endless supply of pork chops we cooked last week were diced with rice and it was all very nice.

A final Poipu sunset wasn’t as color ful as we hoped but it was still a nice exclamation point to our stay. We started the laundry/packing process during our evening game playing which had been taking an ugly turn from the guys point of view but normalcy was restored to 50 % of the participants by evenings end.

This will be the last e-mail I foist upon a suspecting public as I am ready to introduce something potentially even more irritating but less intrusive – my own blog. It will be called MT Ponderings and will be located at The advantage for readers is: a) no e-mail clutter, and b) no need to read. I’ll post sporadically, hopefully weekly as the muse encourages. I’ve enjoyed setting time aside to use some long-dormant skills and would like to continue. Thanks for your interest … MTP

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